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Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing
We are one of the most sought-after Manpower Consultants in India and abroad. With a global footprint, we are able to provide dedicated and enthusiastic Semi Skilled Manpower and Highly Skilled Manpower on contract to the companies across the countries and continents. We have a careful recruitment process, in which only the deserving candidates get selected so the employers can get nothing but the best. In addition, we are also known as one of the renowned Labour Contractors around the world.

Labour Contractor
We, Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd., are one of the most sought-after Labour Contractors with the global presence. We can provide the organizations with the well-trained and highly competent labour on the time-bound basis and at the very nominal rates.

Labour plays a significant role in the industrial world. With the advancement of time, you can see a tremendous growth in industries. Thus, this scenario predicts two things: a good sign of economic development and to do this you need efficient labour supply.

In every nation, at the heart of progressive industrialization is an efficient labour supply. Thus, it has been seen that due to the immense demand of labour supply, the demand of the Labour Contractors has also increased. Nowadays, as everybody is in a cut-throat competition, you should have good industrial resources to be in a good position.

The Role Of Labour Contractor
In order to get an efficient labour force, you should have a reliable hand so that you get efficient workers. In every industry or factory, you see that the work is productive or bad all because of a good labour force. But then a good or a bad labour force is the outcome of a good job done by an efficient Labour Contractor, who does the selection of the workers and allot them work in the organization.

Semi Skilled Manpower
We are a well-known Manpower Consultant, engaged in providing Semi Skilled Manpower on contract to the clients. Our consultants meticulously monitor the entire recruiting procedure to ensure that our clients get best candidates for their organization. Moreover, we conduct meetings and interviews with candidate in order to judge their capability in particular domain.

We are registered with ESI & PF agencies. We allocate EPF and ESIC numbers to all our employees and maintain statutory records such as ESIC, EPF of all employees. We take full responsibility of submitting ESIC, EPF and other regulatory Challans & Returns. We also arrange for labor licenses.

Skilled and Highly Skilled Manpower
We are one of the most prominent Manpower Consultants in India and abroad. We can provide highly efficient Skilled and Highly Skilled Manpower on contract to the various companies around the world. We are backed with a team comprising of HR consultants and recruiters. This team ensures that only the most suitable talent gets through our selection process. Our selection process, in brief, includes a thorough study of the requisition, searching the suitable candidates through innovative technologies, telephone screening and interview.

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