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Recruitment Consultancy Services,Manpower Recruitment Consultants,Manpower Recruitment Solutions
Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile : +91-7869966090/7869711182

E-mail : saicon.naukari@gmail.com

Recruitment Process

We, at Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd., allow you to focus on the 20% of the candidates that make up 80% of your placements. Our careful recruitment process â explaining what we do â is as follows:
  • Contact potential candidates by telephone and email
  • Contact candidates from 7:30am to 10:00pm, seven days a week
  • Use customized scripts with specific screening questions
  • Undertake detailed telephone assessments and skills validation
  • Co-ordinate online technical tests & behavioral profiling
  • Outline the opportunity, benefits, and potential associated with the position
  • Identify the company's business profile regarding culture and conditions
  • Identify candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities for success
  • Network utilizing unique sources to recruit top talent focusing on passive candidates not actively seeking employment
  • Establish a reasonable recruiting timeline
  • Score all candidate qualifications based on the job description
  • Choose candidate(s) to screen via an initial telephone interview
  • Narrow the candidate pool and present qualified prospects for an in-person interview
  • Take personal interview (if required)
  • Send rejection letters to non-placed candidates (if required)
  • After the employment decision is made, conduct reference checks (if required)
  • Write and administer offer letters (if required)
  • Facilitate drug screening and background checks (if required)