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Understanding that training is necessary for the overall development of the candidate's personality, we, Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd., undertake many Training & Development workshops general as well as customized. Value Based, Consultative Sales Techniques and Skills Training Today's environment requires a business minded, innovation approach to selling; whether maintaining a customer relationship or focusing on attracting new customers to expand marketshare. Our content focuses on:

  • How to use the sales techniques of a Consultant to establish trust and credibility.
  • Use business acumen and questioning skills to match a concern or need with a cost effective solution.
  • Ability to differentiate a product or service in such a manner that the "pain" is of significant level that they will make a change.
  • Acknowledgment that some level of sales negotiation is always present and those effective sales techniques include practicing negotiation skills to close the deal while maintaining good customer relationships.
  • Understand that value, as perceived by the prospect / client, is a combination of logic: a good price, meets technical requirements and emotion: does making a decision to buy reflect their self image.

Our value based, sales techniques training courses outlined on this site are designed for the sales professional that needs to focus on uncovering the value, as perceived by the client, of the solution. To grow market share, salespeople need to counter the "commodity label" and overcome the resistance to change by explaining the value and guiding the prospect to discover the short comings of their current supplier. These sales techniques and skills training courses provide the tools to identify customer value while maximizing the company's profit margin. Systematic consultative tactics, supported by sales coaching, can help gain market share and provide the price offset of value sought in emerging markets. Savvy sales executives are using these modern value added, consultative sales negotiation skills to get positioned globally and withstand the low price attack from Chinese suppliers. Click on the drop-down menu to determine which sales training course would help your organization prepare to leverage the economic challenges of 2012. Communication Skills Training Years of employee surveys continue to show that communication skills, or lack of interpersonal communication skills, up and down the organization are a source of dissatisfaction and low morale. Improving these interpersonal communication skills has shown improvement in organization performance. Conclusion: speaking with respect, listening, handling conflict and being heard in meetings has a positive impact on the business. Click on the drop-down menu to see how we can enhance interpersonal effectiveness with workshops and coaching. Leadership Skills Training With today's global challenges, leadership skills have taken on a new meaning. We focus on business leadership skills that truly establish one as a leader that guides others to a goal:

  • Effective communications skills of listening and questioning
  • Knowing when to be a follower
  • Facilitating a Win-Win solution with interpersonal negotiation skills
  • Including both logic and emotional rationale in persuasive messages
  • Business acumen
  • Trust and integrity
  • Empowerment

Production Team Leader Skills Training The plant / shop floor team leader's job is one of the hardest to master. And one with usually the least amount of skills training. Positioned between the demands of upper management and workers (in some cases organized) the production team leader must create and maintain good relationships with the operators and also be a no-nonsense team leader focused on meeting quality, safety, and production numbers. Our production team leader skills training courses provide the tools to:

  • Create the environment where someone takes action
  • Establish goals, responsibilities and performance expectations
  • Be emotionally intelligent to identify, predict, and use emotions
  • Confront workers in a constructive, forthright manner
  • Praise and treat people well to defuse union organizing thrusts
  • Interpersonal negotiation skills to persuade and influence other departments
  • Effective coaching skills
  • Counseling skills when expectations are not met
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conducting effective team meetings
  • Interviewing skills
  • Harassment and disciplinary tools to counsel the employee while keeping legal exposure to a minimum.

We also offer targeted, one-on-one coaching for production floor team leaders that can be a cost effective way. Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd. uses sustainable skill development and vocational training initiatives to create inclusive economic growth for the poor and most vulnerable sections of Indian society. We bridge skills gaps across service sectors and supplement the nation's economic growth rate flawlessly. We believe in providing a sustainable skill delivery system that supports the inclusive economic growth agenda of the nation and leverages the advantage of India's demographic dividend. We work through a unique public private partnership (PPP) model wherein we establish strategic partnerships with the various stakeholders from industry, training bodies, and non-governmental organizations, states and central government and leverage our relationship to provide skill training and employability. Our unique skill delivery process begins with the identification of jobs and ends with the placement of trained youth in various manufacturing industries like textiles, leather, engineering, construction and services sector industry. Skills for Good Governance Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd. creates and delivers customized programs for comprehensive capacity building and empowerment solutions for Government Employees, beneficiaries of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), Panchayati Raj Functionaries and the armed forces including the police and paramilitary forces. Our programs are custom-made for employees across various government sectors to address felt needs for good governance skills and to enhance personal and professional effectiveness. Our training programs inculcate a feeling of ownership towards jobs, enhance self-esteem, build team spirit and leadership qualities. Our interactive methodology includes participant centric activities, unique peer interactions, hands on computer, group and individual exercises, problem solving activities, self-introspection and reflection.

Our trainings include:

  • Positive administration and effective communication
  • Soft skills for personal and professional growth
  • Basic and Department specific IT Skills
  • Basic English communication skills
  • Technical and departmental specific skills
  • Personality enhancement programme

Employability for Graduate & Diploma Students Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offers tailor-made employability skill programs for students of engineering colleges, degree colleges and diploma colleges. The training refines skill sets to meet the industry demands by connecting their academic knowledge with the skills required to work in the industry. Our programs help to bridge the skill gap between what the industry needs and what the academia produces. Our interventions understand employer needs, variable sector specific skills and training requirements that improve business performance, articulate business expectations in education institutions and engagement of industry leaders with higher education institutions. Focusing on the most important skills required to excel in an industry'a Communication in English, Personality Development and use of modern tools and technologies, we offer the following programs:

  • Campus to Boardroom (C2B)

    A three-tier programme for engineering and degree colleges that skills students in English, Personality Development, appearing for interviews and other specific areas of employability

  • Excellence League Services

    A multi-tier programme that offers intricate skill development modules for faculty and works on industry-academia interaction.

Some of our successes include: Our education trains professionals of large organizations ranging from entry level to mid-management and also executive levels. Our corporate training programme not only equips the organizations's workforce with the right skills to do the best job, but also enhances individual and organizational productivity and provides greater competitive advantage. We are a complete solution provider, offering clients end-to-end solutions that include conducting learning needs analysis, content development, setting up training infrastructure, identifying trainers, trainer certification, program delivery, feedback analysis and impact assessment.


Our key offerings include:

  • "Train and Hire" Programs to provide pre-trained professionals who are effective on the job from the first day of joining an organization
  • Customized Training Solutions to large public and private sector organizations across industries like BFSI, Retail, Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing, IT, and ITes
  • End-to-End Solutions to include conducting Learning Needs Analysis, Content Development, Setting up Training Infrastructure, Identifying Trainers, Trainer Certification, Program Delivery, Feedback Analysis and Impact Assessment
  • Off-the-Shelf Programs applicable across functions & across industries
  • Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators Training Programme
  • Finishing Schools and Role-based Training for our IT and ITes clients

Our generic programme covers areas of communication, writing, making presentations, building customer focus, problem solving tools and techniques, effective decision making techniques, power of teamwork, managing time and programs for telecom sector and retail sector. Our specific programs cover training programs for debt recovery agents certification training, programme for banks and customer service. Saicon's education also offers induction programme for Unit Managers, which offers training on introduction to capital markets, mutual funds, unit linked insurance, personal financial planning and tax laws.


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