Saicon Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Us

  • We work to empower the underprivileged people. We provide them with equal opportunities.
  • Our reach is to all the parts of the country. We aim that every person gets educated and is able develop the right skills so that he/she can earn a living.
  • We have hired with us many experienced professionals who work diligently and provide par excellence services.
  • We are a resourcefully sound NGO and people trust us for the kind of distinct work we have done so far.
  • We work to better the society and also for the growth of the nation. So, we motivate and support people to get educated.
  • We offer career management services also.
  • We support child development, and our services include child development, child education, child samajik child and our school girl.
  • We ensure children’s education is not hampered due to some crisis.
  • Our child education program is appreciated by our clients for quality and cost.

Our Work Areas
  • Career Management
  • Employ-Ability Skills
  • Education Training and Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development

Our Services
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Advanced Training

Achievements & Awards
  • We have provided skill development training to 12000 individuals in industrial & agriculture and rural & urban regions.
  • We have provided jobs to more than 15000 people from workers to top management
  • 9 new industrial projects supports